Creation of a leather

Travail en rivière Tannerie


Set of operations aimed to de-hair, re- hydrate the skin and prepare it for tanning.


Chemical process which bonds the fibres and renders the skin rotproof. Followed by a levelling of the skin to a thickness depending on the thickness of finished leather required.
Tannage Tannerie France
Teinture cuirs Tannerie


Dyeing the skins according to the client’s request.


It is the preparation of the skin before the finishing phase (thickness, drying, flattening, flexibility)
Traitement du cuirs
Finissage du cuirs


Final stage who consists of applying dyes and waxes to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance and surface feel.


Skins are grades depending on their quality and their ultimate destination.
Le tri du cuirs à la Tannerie d'Annonay
Contrôle qualité du cuirs

Quality control

Verifying, through various visual, physical and chemical tests, the conformity of the article to the client’s requirement, and compliance with environmental requirements.